Sajed H.A.P.

A one-on-one, interactive online practice incorporating advanced problem-solving using the RTT method.


You're blocking yourself from achieving success in different areas of your life and don't know 'WHY.'
You're Feeling Unsatisfied

…because your disruptive behaviour is damaging your self-esteem, and you don't know how to go about it all.

You're Feeling Confused

…and don't know why you can't follow through and why you don't see the results you want despite all your effort.

You're Feeling The Aftermath

…of the your sabotaging behaviour and secretly living in the shadow of fear, shame, guilt, overwhelm, confusion and stress.

You're Doubting Yourself

…and having no trust in yourself. You believe you’re unworthy of a happy relationship, a thriving career, financial security or even a healthy mind and body.

And on top of that…

People around you might tell you that you’re the issue and that you should do this and that. Listen, we all have things we can work on, but do you take pleasure in sabotaging what you truly desire?

So then, how on earth did you get here?
No wonder you feel frustrated, lost, confused, and overwhelmed.

I GET IT! and I’m here to help.

Welcome To Sajed H.A.P.

I've mapped out all you can expect from our sessions together.

I can show you where the ROOT of your issue is and help you purge outdated beliefs and revive and adopt better mindsets to become a true success.

I’ve seen many transformations with others, including myself, and still counting, and I’d be honoured to work with you too!

This is what you’ll Know, Achieve, Do and Experience.


...the root cause of your current sabotaging behaviour and understand why it came about.


...clarity on how the root cause of your issue is causing your self-sabotaging ways today.


...a home follow-up exercise that replaces old beliefs with new desired mindsets that you chose.


...change by reinforcing the benefits of our session together to make the effects long-lasting.

And a helpful way to begin identifying forms of self-sabotage is to frame your situation using the following sentences:

“I want to achieve (goal), BUT I keep feeling (your emotions).”

“I want to achieve (goal), BUT I keep thinking (your thoughts).”

“I want to achieve (goal), BUT I keep doing (your behaviour).”


Hypno-Analysis Sessions

These sessions incorporate effective subconscious mind deprogramming and re-programming using the RTT method.

  • What's the RTT Method?

    The Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) Method is developed by Marisa Peer, one of the most well-respected therapists worldwide. It's...

    1) Fast-working
    2) Solution-focused
    3) Efficient
    4) Can be used in place of or alongside other therapies.

    This therapeutic method involves effective hypnosis & analysis that combines several different psychotherapeutic techniques, such as Hypnotherapy, CBT, and NLP, and it's designed to powerfully extract the root cause of every client's issues soon as possible.


Held within a private, Zoom chat room, so no travel time is required.


Two-hour sessions so you’ll get the most desirable outcome.


A powerful line of questioning, deep understanding strategies and active client involvement.


Quality sessions that are just as effective as in person.



Things you can expect before, during & after your session.


We’ll review the previously filled intake form and get clear on what it is you want from the session.


I’ll use strategic processes to help you achieve profound clarity and understanding.


You’ll listen to a hypnotic audio recording for 21 days to reinforce the benefits of our session together.


NO progress is ever a linear event. And unlearning old mindsets and re-learning those that matter is no exception. So get comfortable with stagnation periods and know that it’s just part of the game of life.

Accumulative Changes

A change that is realized little at a time.

Retroactive Changes

Very subtle changes over time that when you look back, you notice that you’ve transformed.

Immediate Changes

Changes that are experienced during or as soon as the session is over.

Combination Changes

That involve any mix of the above changes.

This Is What Hypno-Analysis Sessions Are & Are Not.

Not Complex But Simple.

The simplicity of the sessions allows you to, step by step, discover things that have been lurking in your subconscious for so long.

Not Easy But Rewarding.

If looking deeper into something is what you can handle and benefit from, you should participate and experience valuable & rewarding outcomes.

Not A Quick Fix But Transformative.

A Life-Changing experience that provides solution-oriented results to get you 'unstuck' fast but requires patience & doing the work.


How ahead of life you’ll be, how amazing you’d feel simply by having the right to accelerate your transformation and health, saving you money and years of trial and error.

This is what you can expect

...from our session

Clarity & Understanding
Resolving significant past events interfering with your current life.

Guidance & Strategies
Strategically guiding to communicate with your mind to remove mental blockages.

Benefits & Outcome
Rewiring elements of your vision to provide transformational results that you’re looking for.

But In Reality

What you’re really getting is...

Saved Time
You’ll get to the root of your issue quickly and resolve it in 1 to 3 sessions so you don’t sit with your pain for months.

Saved Money
You don’t have to continue investing in expensive ‘therapeutic’ sessions, repeatedly discussing your childhood memories, and not getting a resolution.

Improved Health
You’ll begin to feel mentally & emotionally lighter and have more energy in your body to do the things you love.

Have Questions?

Get the answers you need to make the best decision that makes sense to you.

Just know that a Hypno-analysis session is an extraordinary experience, but it isn’t suitable for everyone.

 Check out the answers to your frequently asked questions here.