I’m Sam, dedicated to
empowering mindset
shifts that lead to your
desired change.


I’ve certified in the Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) Method as a Practitioner & Associate. I'm also certified as a Clinical Hypnotherapist and a member of the International Institute of Complementary Therapists (IICT) with a BSc. (Honours) in Kinesiology.

Although I’m based in Canada, I’ve helped professionals from different parts of the world employ and expand their problem-solving abilities to resolve their self-limiting beliefs to live their most expansive and successful lives.


‘Why The Sudden Career Shift?'

Shock & Grief

The sudden shift came about only after my brother's sudden disappearance and his tragic passing in 2016 that my whole world crumbled, and with it, everything I had and knew.

Loss After Loss

In search of him, I lost everything, my home, job, money, and health. And after I got the news of his passing, I then lost track of time and my surroundings, and was left with immense emotional and physical pain, a void, and a 'self' that I didn't recognize.

Tragedy to Love Story

But one day, amid my tears, grief and darkest hours, I experienced an inner awareness that changed everything for me. I realized that 'my love for my brother was far greater than the pain of my loss,' and the meaning I gave to this tragedy became a love story.


This sudden realization changed how I perceived this tragedy, which was a significant turning point for me. In that very instant, my mind somehow switched from solely focusing on the 'pain' to the 'love,' and everything suddenly made sense and felt right.


I Shifted My Focus Inward.

I experienced a profound mindset shift simply by understanding and giving a different meaning to my painful experience.

I realized it’s not about knowing but about understanding. Because once you do, you begin to see and feel things and make connections in your mind in a way that allows you to give better meaning to what you’ve experienced.

So with this newfound awareness, I took all my pain and anger and decided not to use it to blame my circumstances, others or myself anymore.

“Any fool can know. The point is to understand.”

-Albert Einstein

From a shell of a person...

To A Person With An Inner Empire.

I re-focused my attention on my love for my brother and used it as fuel to transform and rebuild myself to create a person that pours love into herself and her surroundings and contributes rather than destroys out of hurt.

I spent a good few years healing and challenging old beliefs about how I perceive myself and the world around me and began to notice, isolate, and question my outdated beliefs & thoughts.

I trained in the RTT method, something that would change my life forever, applied the teachings to myself and understood the root causes of my self-sabotaging ways.

Eventually, with practice, I strategically achieved mental clarity, understood my emotions, and connected profoundly with myself, and I continue to do so today.


‘Then how did you get started with all this?’

As I continued to expand my conscious inner world, I wanted to make a difference and give back by Improving lives and bringing others freedom and believing that growth, progress and results are all available to them sooner than they think!


But first, I was adamant about getting out of my own way and not changing my direction because of fear and worry. I used all my reasons, new skills and better thought processes, mixed them with faith and determination, and focused on re-creating the person that would make this happen.


So I began building a practice from the ground up in honour of my brother that connects to the person, not the persona, where I help others resolve significant past experiences believed to be SABOTAGING their current mental, physical & emotional well-being, just as I did with myself.


Don’t let facts distract you from your true self!

That includes the hardships and painful experiences of the past that shaped who you are today.

Remember, you’re born with phenomenal & unique gifts and, most importantly, limitless love. So growing up was never the problem; the real problem is forgetting how complete you came into this world.

Look, I know how hard it is to be vulnerable and share your story, but I also understand I have to earn the right to hear it! So, I really appreciate you for being here!


I'm in no way here to tell you what to do.

You’re born with your own natural and unique way of being. You already know what to do and don’t need me or anyone to tell you.

I’m here to create an experience that sets up the possibility of deep understanding. We’ll brainstorm and get specific about your issues so you seek answers and get curious about yourself to…

Find the root of limiting behavioural traps you keep falling into.

Shed light on your darkness and find answers to get focused and sharp.

Release those unprocessed emotions and sabotaging beliefs.

Feel lighter in your mind & body because your nervous system is relaxed.

Find that your energy is off the charts, so you do plenty with loved ones.

Minimize internal distractions.

On command, turn on your focus, and do work that matters.


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Percent Satisfaction

At the end of the it all

I’m Only Human

I’m not a miracle worker.
Nor do I claim to have all the answers or solutions.
I’m not perfect, nor do I aim to be.
Like any other person, I experience good and bad days, and I’m prone to making mistakes.

But my invaluable life experiences, knowledge, spiritual ground and self-love have made it possible for me to quickly let go of what no longer serves me and move towards my life purpose, which is here with you!


You Have My Word To...

Being transparent, real, and open with you.
Having a devotion to your transformation and vision.
Creating a space free of judgment where you feel safe.
Continuing to use my relentless curiosity and insatiable love for learning to bring you the best of me and what I do.

So, if you want to be one of the few potent entrepreneurs with HIGH potential, then let’s get to the ROOT of what’s holding you back.

So thank you for visiting me. I hope this is the beginning of our relationship.

Lots of love from my heart to yours!