You’ll benefit from hypnoanalysis sessions if:

If you see yourself and notice yourself:

  • Being a perfectionist
  • Being disorganized
  • Constantly seeking approval
  • Being unreasonably indecisive
  • Being controlling & micromanaging

Being non-communicative such as:

  • Refusing to ask for help.
  • Withdrawing from others.
  • Reluctance to speak up.
  • Overly self-protective.

Being a procrastinator such as:

  • Making excuses
  • Over-booking
  • Poor Communication
  • Setting goals too low or too high

Having commitment issues such as:

  • Over-committing
  • Running on empty

Having disruptive relationships such as:

  • Picking fights or starting conflicts with colleagues and loved ones.

Over-indulging & having moderation issues with relation to:

  • Exercise
  • Eating
  • Working
  • Weight issues
  • Shopping
  • Shop-lifting
  • Hoarding
  • Obsessive & compulsive behaviour

These disruptive and destructive behaviours negatively impact the outcome you so badly want but can’t seem to have. You self-sabotage through disruptive behaviour that damages your self-esteem. As a result, this feeling trickles into other vital areas of your life, such as relationships, health, money & career, keeping you stuck and unfulfilled.

But Hypno-Analysis Sessions Are NOT Suitable For You If...

  • A review of past events will unfavourably impact your emotional or mental health should you partake in a session.
  • If you or your treating practitioners have any past or existing concerns about your mental health – It is your responsibility to first check with the appropriate physician if you’re unsure.
  • You have epilepsy or any form of psychosis, psychiatric disorders or personality disorders. This includes anyone with psychotic symptoms, such as hallucinations and delusions – It is your responsibility to check with the appropriate physician if you’re unsure.
  • You’re inquiring about issues related to narcotic addictions, smoking, drinking, Infertility, IVF, Conception, Pregnancy, Birth, PTSD, and Sexual related problems.
  • You’re diagnosed with clinical depression.
  • You’re under the influence of alcohol or recreational drugs.
  • You’re pregnant.
  • You’re not considered an adult and are under 18.

Let’s find out ‘why.’

The signs of self-sabotage at times can be very subtle.

That's because we rarely block ourselves knowingly from getting what we want, but we still might do or say things to get in our own way, and to others, it can even seem deliberate. But once the root cause is identified and addressed, you'll begin to behave in a way that's aligned with the things you want and so you start to feel liberated.

So unless you don’t uncover the root cause of your issue and deal with it head-on, your self-sabotaging behaviours will continue to pile up and remind you of all the things you couldn’t achieve.

These ‘failures’ to you will then be evidence that you’re not good enough and further cause feelings of despair and drain your motivation, enthusiasm, and self-esteem.

 “Stop acting so small. You are the universe in ecstatic motion.”  Rumi.

How can hypnoanalysis sessions help?

I will assist you in understanding what you’re self-sabotaging behaviour, role, purpose, intention and function in your life is and what need it’s filling for you today.

Understanding this and knowing when, where, how and why it came about will allow you to make better sense and connect the dots in your mind in a way that prevents you from going back to your old ways of doing things or, at the very least make you feel uncomfortable doing what once gave you instant comfort.

And you’re probably wondering, Does It Work?

YES ABSOLUTELY! But this is not a short cut or a magic formula.

You must understand a long-lasting transformation won’t happen overnight. It requires you to:

  • Use your mind and brain power
  • Reprogram your beliefs
  • Change the meanings you give to an experience

And one of my gifts is to break complex concepts, problem-solve and teach. It pains me to see unique, kind, intelligent and loving people like you who have so much to offer to see only their flaws.

We’ll work together to bring about the clarity and understanding you need to overcome the blockages that have lead you to get in your own way, and that’s what I’m trained to do here.