You’ll benefit from hypnoanalysis sessions if:

You identify as:

  • An over-assumer
  • An over-thinker
  • Having Imposter syndrome
  • A self-critic & negative self-talker that undermines their own goals and values
  • A chronic worrier
  • Lacking self-esteem
  • Having self-doubt
  • Lacking confidence
  • Having mental money & career blocks

These are all issues related to negative thoughts and outdated beliefs.

You self-sabotage as a form of distraction from anything that feels uncomfortable. As a result, it prevents you from attaining your wants, desires and goals, leading you to experience insecurity, low self-esteem and low confidence.

But Hypno-Analysis Sessions Are NOT Suitable For You If...

  • A review of past events will unfavourably impact your emotional or mental health should you partake in a session.
  • You or your treating practitioners have any past or existing concerns about your mental health – It is your responsibility to first check with the appropriate physician if you’re unsure.
  • You have epilepsy or any form of psychosis, psychiatric disorders or personality disorders. This includes anyone with psychotic symptoms, such as hallucinations and delusions – It is your responsibility to check with the appropriate physician if you’re unsure.
  • You’re inquiring about issues related to narcotic addictions, smoking, drinking, Infertility, IVF, Conception, Pregnancy, Birth, PTSD, and Sexual related problems.
  • You’re diagnosed with clinical depression.
  • You’re under the influence of alcohol or recreational drugs.
  • You’re pregnant.
  • You’re not considered an adult and are under 18.

Let’s find out ‘why.’

When you’re unaware of your negative thought patterns and how they cause and affect your self-sabotaging behaviour, you’re at the mercy of your thoughts running your daily life.

You begin to feel hopeless and helpless about the future or achieving your goals and may think that there’s something wrong with you and doubt yourself.

We’re all programmed at a young age because...we're 'told' what to do. Then we 'watch others' experiences and picture them happening to us, so we begin to learn to over-think, self-criticize and feel 'stress, worry, and anxiety with specific situations so that it never happens to us.


If we have learned how we should think, behave and feel, then we can re-learn and change it to what we want. So it’s crucial to identify and find out the root of these negative mindsets and deal with them head-on.

“Maybe you are searching among the branches for what only appears in the roots.” – Rumi.

How can hypnoanalysis sessions help?

At Sajed H.A.P., I’ll help you get to the root cause of your mental discomfort, and we’ll find your limitations and then push beyond them safely. Hence, you begin to notice unhelpful thinking patterns and then replace them with better-updated mindsets fit for an adult.

I’ll make a hypnotic recording tailored to you and your situation. I inspire and wire powerful therapeutic messages based on session findings and the transformation you’re looking for, ensuring you train your mind to do what you want.

And you’re probably wondering, Does It Work?


But unless you put in the work to change the outdated programming in your mind, the change will be temporary and eventually, you’ll return to your old programmed behaviour.

This is a proven path that requires you to...

  • Have the desire, intention, and expectation to make a change.
  • Show up daily for yourself.
  • Do the work necessary to re-program your mind.

I’ve already helped myself and others like you, and I know it’s possible for you too!