What Is Self-Sabotage?

You block yourself from being a 'Person of Success' & what you want and you want to stop yourself from self sabotage.

When your negative thoughts spiral out of control, and you don’t know ‘why.’

When your desire & ambition feels limited by what you tell yourself is “doable.”

When you get TRAPPED in vicious cycles of painful emotions that leave you feeling mentally ‘stuck.’

The Consequence?

Your energy, drive & motivation get DEPLETED.

Your self-esteem is DAMAGED & your confidence gets SHATTERED.

You find yourself DROWNING in feelings of doubt, fear of failure & shame.

And despite...

Having success in (*most*) aspects of your life, you're still wondering 'WHY...'

Am I still not truly fulfilled and feel frustrated?

Has my success never felt like what I wanted?

Am I stuck at the same level month after month?

Do I feel conflicted and still feel like a failure?

On top of that...

You live in a society that imposes certain expectations.

Many people experience the pressure to conform to societal norms, both personally and professionally, even if it means not being true to themselves.

And as a business person, it can be daunting to maintain your authenticity when you’re constantly told, “Emotions hinder performance and make you look weak. You need to control them.” So you sabotage your own desires and needs at the expense of these expectations.

As a result, you’re either unsure of your feelings, or if you are aware, you’re afraid to speak up and speak your mind.

But here’s what happens!

When you DWELL in your thoughts & emotions vs process them…

Those thoughts and issues run around chaotically inside your mind, unresolved.

The emotions pulse through your body making you feel tense, burnt out and sick.

All this then trickles into your home life and you lose intimacy and connection with your partner.

You then feel helpless, as if you’re trapped in a tornado of negativity that keeps you stuck.


Does this sound familiar to you?

Are you secretly FEARing…

You feel you won’t be able to handle the change it brings.
Judgement & Visibility?
You feel you can’t do it perfectly and are scared of being “found out,” so you find every excuse to hide away.
You believe the world is unsafe and that success brings exposure, change and unpredictability you don’t feel you can control.
Deep down, you feel guilt & shame for not being further along in life and think there’s something wrong with you. 

Are you SUFFERing in silence with…

Low self-esteem & Lack of confidence?
Deep down, you feel unworthy of getting what you want and stop trying altogether.
Overthinking & Self-criticism?
You negatively talk yourself out of doing what you really want and then feel helpless about the future.
You keep away from uncertain situations as a form of distraction from anything that feels unfamiliar.
You’re unsure of yourself to succeed and get discouraged when something goes wrong & give up.

Are you AGONIZing over…

Time Management & Over-Commitment?
Life feels hectic, and y
ou struggle to stay on top of everything & can’t set boundaries.
Perfectionism & being Controlling?
You set too high of standards for yourself and need to control every last detail to the point that it gets in the way of your effectiveness.
You create unnecessary delays or excuses for doing your best work because you lack self-confidence.
You feel like an outlier and resist communicating because you worry that by asking for help, you’ll highlight your failures.


These are all “normal” feelings, thoughts & behaviours, and WE ALL GET THEM!

BUT IF most of your days are like this & you’re hindering your goals & values,

THEN you’re probably unintentionally and unknowingly self-sabotaging.

what does it mean to self-sabotage?

You want to achieve or overcome… BUT…

You’re trying to go from being average to being on top of your game, BUT you feel like a failure and know this way of thinking is not good (yet you can’t break free from the grips).
You want to eradicate your barriers to success and the shame that comes with it, BUT you’re in a constant pattern of doubt, waking up in the middle of the night feeling stressed.
You’ve got the skills and the experience to boost your performance, BUT you feel hopeless, falling short of some of your goals, and can’t put your finger on ‘why.’

However, with the right approach, I promise there is light at the end of the tunnel.


People Generally Sabotage In One or More Of These 3 Ways:

Emotional Self-Sabotage

You sabotage your desires...

    Because of inherent fears that trigger uncomfortable feelings of shame, anxiety & stress.

Mindset Self-Sabotage

You sabotage your success...

    As a result of negative self-talk, where you tell yourself you’re unworthy, making you feel helpless.

Behavioural Self-Sabotage

You sabotage your goals...

    Since low self-esteem leads to destructive & overindulging behaviours, keeping you unfulfilled.

And know that none of this is your fault.

These sabotaging ways mainly result from past imprinted beliefs you’ve learned.

Where are my manners

Hi, I’m Sam

The Entrepreneurs’ Go-to Person For ‘Self-Sabotage.’

I help entrepreneurs confidently step into their power to skyrocket their performance & connections.

Simply put, my mission is to help you resolve the inherent fears that cause you to get in your way & keep you ‘stuck’ in all areas of life.

I understand that’s a challenge, but I’ll help you grow outside your comfort zone and strategically challenge thoughts, beliefs, and feelings that no longer work for you so you can really get under the hood of your life.

Then, how do I stop self-sabotaging?

That’s where my three-phase UNSTUCKable Approach comes in

BREAK FREE from how you see yourself! Free yourself from ways and learnings that weren’t even yours so that you can be assertive & open, share your perspective and unapologetically express your unique voice.

Experience your BREAKTHROUGH

My UNSTUCKable Approach Will Help You...


…the core of what keeps you ‘stuck’ and get clear of what’s really holding you back, fast.


 …Internalized self-sabotaging beliefs and self-criticusm to rise on any occasion.


…the deep-rooted fears that sneak up on you during challenging times.


 …your doubt, childhood trauma, feelings of failure or shame, or for not being further along.


 …during chaos, knowing you’ll be able to handle the uncertainty.


…as you master your sense of self and get your life together.

Because starting the next best phase of your life shouldn’t feel like…


How does The UNSTUCKable Approach work?

This 3-Phase Approach Is Everything You Need To…



This approach is unlike anything you've tried out before, because...

It’s NOT just about dealing with the symptoms, it’s about pinpointing the underlying causes & ending the stress of unresolved issues with remarkable speed (1 to 3 sessions) so you focus on what matters most to you.

My aim?

Is to UNSTUCK you and free up your life so you...

Save Time

NO MORE need for long, drawn-out therapy sessions. Instead,  get resolution in 1 to 3 sessions so you don’t sit with your pain for months, even years.

Save Money

NO MORE ‘Armchair therapy’ and expensive trial & error. Instead, transform your mind (and performance) with someone who knows your issue best.

Save Energy

NO MORE feeling drained from ‘not getting around’ to solving your issue. Instead, get resolution & feel more energy in your body to do what you love.

Improve Health

NO MORE ambiguity about the cause of your mental, emotional & physical health. Instead, have the stamina to maintain a healthy work-life balance.

This Is what It’s Like To work With Me.

That's great, Sam, so what's next?


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Awakening is not changing who you are, but discarding who you are not.

~ Deepak Chopra

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