What’s the purpose of the hypnotic audio?

A hypnotic recording, specifically tailored to your situation, will inspire powerful therapeutic messages based on session findings and the transformation you’re looking for. It helps create the necessary mind shifts and changes that incorporate the essential elements for up-levelling your mindset. For example, the recording may encourage you to feel great about praising and loving yourself daily. This simple process ensures you train your mind to do what you want.

So, why 21 days?

Because the mind learns through repetition, you must repeat what you want for a new way of thinking and behaviour to become automatic. It takes approximately 21 days to make the habit and more repetition to make it a long-lasting lifestyle change. Although there are variable data on this number, you’re looking at approximately 21-plus days of repetition on average. The change you seek only becomes MORE effective with practice.

You must REPEAT to wire in new mindsets of what you want until it becomes not what you want but something you are. You may even catch yourself negatively talking to get out of listening to the hypnotic audio. But keep going until old thoughts no longer bother you or hinder your desires.

The TAKEAWAY message…REPETITION, REPETITION, REPETITION. Now, I Want You to Try getting this out of your mind!

Look, you must remember…

A hypnoanalysis session using the RTT method creates a mindset shift. Still, the constant practice of listening to the recording helps make neurological changes in your brain that ensure the presenting problem doesn’t return. Scientifically, this process of change in your brain is called ‘NEUROPLASTICITY.’

What Is Neuroplasticity?

Neuroplasticity is a complex way of saying ‘brain nerve cell adaptation.’

This natural process happens inside our brains in response to a stimulus. In other words, the nerve cells in our brain can change in shape, function or reorganize to make new connections with each other in response to a new event, experience or any change in our external environment.

How this brain adaptation relates to hypnosis? A hypnotic state or periods of high focus followed by relaxation that you experience during meditation, and deep rest better activates this natural physiological state. This is why you become receptive to accepting suggestions and ideas.

However, this brain adaptation requires time and successive repetition of a new experience to create long-lasting mindset changes. This is necessary, so the presenting problem does not return.

And what this means for you is…

You can change your outcome at any time by repeating and focusing on your goal.

The Bottom Line…

The more you listen to the recording as you’re relaxed, the more effectively you’re communicating to your brain what you want. Similar to affirmations and prayer.

Your brain responds to what you’re asking of it. And “the mind will have no choice but to get on your side to give you what you want.” It does this by physiologically adapting to your new desires and experiences. It reorganizes, recodes and optimizes your nerve cells to create a better emotional state. Hence, you behave and function better and eventually get the outcome you’re looking for. And before you know it, through this repetition, the words from the recording become a part of your thoughts. Your mind begins picturing positive images, and you start having better and more effective dialogues with yourself. And as simple as that, you begin to see yourself differently and then behave and operate differently. And this is how you get what you want in living a meaningful life. Because now the brain cells that were lazing around or working against you are now made to work for your betterment.


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